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Now open.


Upmarket watering hole with a happening vibe offering cocktails, yakitori & dancing to DJ'd music just on the busiest street in Poblacion.

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Now open.

La Vie En Rose

A true French-inspired speakeasy tucked away in Poblacion, La Vie En Rose seduces discerning guests with its cozy ambiance

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Coming soon.


The Philippines one & only hip hop club brought by the coolest kids from Manila. Underground tunes with all the bling you need.


Now open.


This New York-inspired underground club takes you away as you dance to the rhythm of the beat with a crafted cocktail on hand – hopefully giving way to connect with both old and new face

About Our Investment Management Company

Liquid Ventures is a new and innovative F&B investment management company which aims to invest in existing and new entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Our team has a diverse range of expertise and experience which will aid in the investment process: analysis, due diligence, monitoring, guidance and the ultimate investment execution. It is envisaged that we will build over time a diversified yield producing portfolio that we aim to exit through either a trade sale or an IPO in the Philippines.


Aside from providing investment capital, our company aims to provide our selected entrepreneurs with a range of support from back-office operations, talent recruitment, purchasing and inventory management, digital and traditional marketing, audit & control, government / regulator relations and sounds strategic advice.

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Benefits to the Community

We are dedicated to supporting local businesses that help make a positive impact in the communities by creating employment and a place to gather for sharing ideas and experiences over food. This is at the core of what Filipino communities are built around on—the "salo-salo".

Encouraging Innovation

By providing access to necessary resources and support to Filipino entrepreneurs at different stages of their growth cycle,we can help them create new concepts or scale existing proven ones. In selecting proper locations to improving processes, we strive to reduce early fatal errors that oftne stifle these entrepreneurs. We let them focus more on running the core business.

Job Creation

Supporting start-ups can lead to the creation of new job opportunities, contributing to economic growth and development in the Philippines.


Regulatory Framework Guidance

Many entrepreneurs have poor knowledge on proper corporate structure including tax planning, and even simple permit requirements resulting in heavy fines or worse closure of the business. If we can give them proper guidance then many of these can be avoided.

Global Competitiveness

By nurturing a dynamic ecosystem of start-ups, the Philippines can enhance its global competitiveness in the F&B and hospitality industry, showcasing the country's culinary talent and creativity to a wider audience.

Our Advocacy

We aim to support Filipino F&B entrepreneurs which will then cultivate a thriving ecosystem of innovation, creativity, and sustainability within the food and beverage sector. Through strategic investments and partnerships, we seek to empower start-ups to develop creative concepts, enhance their market presence, and contribute to the overall growth of the industry.


Our Main Objectives

We believe that the future of food and beverage lies in pioneering new ideas, and we are committed to providing financial support to bring these ideas to life.

Financial Support

Liquid Ventures will provide F&B entrepreneurs with access to capital through equity investments which will then help them launch and scale their businesses.

Networking Opportunities

We will facilitate networking events, workshops, and industry collaborations to connect start-ups with potential partners, suppliers, and distribution channels.


Mentorship & Guidance

Experienced industry professionals in various fields (real estate, finance, marketing, operations, public relations, etc) will offer mentorship and guidance to the founders and will share their knowledge and expertise to help them navigate the complexities of the F&B and hospitality industry.

Market Expansion

By supporting start-ups in expanding their market reach, Liquid Ventures aims to promote the growth of the Philippine food and beverage industry, both domestically and internationally.

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